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"Shane is exceptionally bright and has an instinct for creating Products that people need and will use. He is a “get it done” kind of person who does not waste time dreaming, just doing. Shane is also a very astute business man and successful entrepreneur who understands how to build successful companies. He can be relied on to make things happen, he does not see barriers, only opportunities."
Ronald Burr, CEO at CallFire.com / Founder & CEO NetZero

"During my time at EzTexting, Shane was our fearless leader and CEO. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor and boss to learn from. He led the tech team with a deep understanding of their challenges and process, while seamlessly holding together sales, marketing, business development and customer service. His ability to both empower and train executives is something I still think about to this day. Shane is easily one of the most consistent, professional, patient and confident leaders I have ever had the privilege of working with."
Amy Baglan, VP Sales and Development, EzTexting.com / Founder & CEO MeetMindful.com

"I was extremely fortunate to work with Shane at Ez Texting from the very beginning. As a CEO and a manager he was flexible in a way that's easy to claim to be, but rare to encounter: deeply involved on projects when his expertise and insight were invaluable, but otherwise hands off and trusting that you knew what you were doing. Without that kind of executive leadership I don't believe we could have built Ez Texting into the industry leader that it is with such a small team, lean budgets, and no outside funding. As CEO, he rapidly grew Ez Texting through both the recession (Lehman Bros collapsed a month after we were spun out of JoonBug) and a clash with T-Mobile two years later, which if handled improperly could have been devastating. Without his leadership we never could have survived, let alone prospered, through those and a thousand other challenges."
Joshua Malin, CMO at EzTexting.com / Founder & COO VinePair.com

"I continue to be impressed by Shane’s foresight with the development of the EZ brand products. It took a thorough understanding of the potential of the Mobile SMS small business marketplace as well as the overall industry landscape to enter it with excellent technologies that filled a void. Not only is he a respected technologist, he is a bit of a futurist as he was ahead of the game when he created a product line that could also be utilized for private label. It’s the ability to see the big picture as Shane does that results in top technologies."
Vijesh Mehta, CTO and Co-Founder, CallFire.com

"I've worked with Shane over the years as a technology service vendor as well as professionally helping him and his teams with software development as a contractor/consultant. I can confidently say that Shane is probably the single most ambitious and inspiring entreprenuer I've ever met. Working with Shane, it's immediately clear that he incredibly dedicated and puts everything into his work — always moving forward and not taking no for an answer. For perspective, it was Shane who ultimately inspired and enabled me to leave my day job and persue my dream of expanding my software consulting company, Roave. I wouldn't hesitate if you have the opportunity to work with Shane in any capacity."
Evan Coury, Lead Developer at EzTexting.com / Founder Roave

"Shane is an extraordinary manager - both professionally and personally. He is definitely the best manager I ever had in my life. Shane never hided behind his authority, he is not afraid to be himself. He is very confident and able to make right decisions quickly and always explains other people why the particular decision was made, he is also not afraid to delegate tasks when needed. Holding a Master Degree in Computer Science Shane understands technical needs very well, sets achievable technical goals, and gives very professional advices. It’s a great pleasure to work with Shane."
Lyuba Shipovich, CTO at EzTexting.com / VP Engineering at groundUP.io

"Shane is a great leader! While working at EzTexting I always had a feeling that I'm a part of a big family which is united and driven by Shane's vision and energy. With an IT background, great communication skills and deep business expertise, Shane managed to build a great team and to create one the leading SMS marketing services in the United States!"
Yuri Brunets, Developer at EzTexting.com / Developer at FaceBook News Feed Team

"Shane Neman is an innovator. As Founder of EzTexting, Shane developed a reliable technology platform that has enabled the company to develop and offer features that have been able to stand the test of time and continue to be built upon. Shane was responsible for building a world-class customer service team at EzTexting – incredibly important when we acquired Ez and integrated his team into my own at CallFire."
Komnieve Singh, President & Co-Founder, CallFire.com

"Shane built an SMS platform that was ahead of its time and competed with CallFire until we decided to join forces and conquer the sector together. The consummate entrepreneur, Shane works hard, fast and with passion, utilizing his own resources and those around him to innovate and stay ahead of the curve."
TJ Thinakaran, Chief Operating Officer & Co Founder, CallFire.com

"Shane has an innate understanding of data and analytics for a technologist, developer and entrepreneur. This translates into a rare marriage of passion and an ability to apply all of his knowledge, enabling him to build great technology products and platforms that translate ultimately into happy customers. The EZ suite of products that he created and their continued growth at CallFire are a great example of the application of Shane’s talents."
Punit Shah, CIO & Co-Founder, CallFire.com

"Shane is a true benchmark for Entrepreneurs. We've worked with Shane for a number of years prior to the M&A between FireText & CallFire. He guided both parties accurately and positively towards a common goal. His communication and attention-to-detail is a great asset. I look forward to working with Shane again in the future."
Dan Parker, Co Founder / Director, FireText Communications Ltd

"Shane played an instrumental role in reaching out to FireText in the early stages of the M&A discussions with CallFire, and was able to use his own similar experiences to foster positive and useful discussions from the outset. Having gone through the start-up process himself, Shane has a clear understanding of the sacrifices required to do so successfully."
James Huff, Director & Co-Founder, FireText Communications Limited

"There are not enough good things that I can say about Shane Neman. Directly reporting to him as Lead Client Success Manager of Ez Texting for more than 3 years, I had the amazing benefit of learning an immense amount of knowledge in the areas of SMS, SaaS, as well as running amazingly successful business. Under Shane's leadership, I witnessed a very small group of dedicated and fiercely loyal people grow a small operation servicing a few thousand clients into a thriving, and immensely successful organization servicing over 50,000 SMBs and Enterprise clients. As CEO and Founder of EzTexting, Shane tirelessly worked to ensure that every client was able to receive a tremendous value; that every member of the team was able to contribute their all to the success of the company; and that every team member grew as a result of Shane's dedication, knowledge and mentoring. There was no issue that Shane didn't have an answer for and a direction to lead us all towards. He never over-promised, nor under-delivered and inspired within me the passion for the company that I carry to this day. It's an incredibly rare thing when a leader can ask you, "Have I ever let you down?" and know that the answer is, undoubtedly, no. After the acquisition of Ez Texting by CallFire in 2012, though I no longer reported directly to Shane after he transitioned to the role of Chief Product Officer for CallFire, he was always able to offer assistance, advice, guidance and remained a source of inspiration and support for me, as well as the rest of the team. His expertise and vision led to development of an amazing product pipeline for the entire CallFire organization, which I was more than proud to be a part of when he called upon me to become his product manager in mid 2014. During our collaboration as the Product team for CallFire, we put forth an incredible array of telephony and SMS products which have led, and will lead, to the continued success of the CallFire organization. As a new role for me, Shane's mentoring was instrumental in setting me up for success and I am immensely grateful for his support, wisdom, and vision. I know that I would not be able to be as effective and resourceful as I am without having the honor of knowing and working with Shane for so long. Shane is one of the greatest leaders, managers, mentors, and visionaries I've encountered. A great role model and businessman, Shane Neman is one of the strongest assets to our now global company and I'm beyond proud to be a member of the same organization as he."
Albert Cann, Lead Client Success Manager, EzTexting.com

"I want to recommend Shane Neman as extremely talented business oriented person that proved his ideas and skills on real life projects, He is responsible, flexible in decision making, strict to execute and also could be impeccable team player. He is very passion of his vision and implementation. I had big pleasure to work with him on Ez Texting"
Denis Gergun, Contractor: (Unix/Linux) System Administrator, EzTexting.com

"Shane is a seasoned business executive and a successful entrepreneur. Shane is very focused on his business goals, and knows how to chart a course to exit. Shane also is a multifaceted business operator. I have seen him drive product development with software engineers and incredible customer engagement through sales channels. I expect to see this serial entrepreneur do additional great things in the years to come."
Mike Hazzard Esq.

"Shane has worked with us at MX Telecom since the earliest days of group SMS in the United States. He had the foresight to identify what would become a tremendous and still growing market in its earliest stages."
Alex Moir, CEO MX Telecom

"I worked with Shane in his role as CEO of Ez Texting. He was an honest, effective partner who was a pleasure to work with. His insight in mobile was extremely beneficial to me as I was scaling different business initiatives. Shane, is very passionate and I look forward to work with him in the future."
Mateen Aini, 4info.com

"I’ve known Shane for many years and I have witnessed his leadership skills firsthand again and again. He has the unique ability to understand developing technologies and turn them into successful businesses."
Marc Chafiian, was a consultant to Shane at EzTexting.com

"In the time I’ve known Shane he has led two New York City-based businesses, each of which have quickly
grown to become local and national leaders in their respective markets. Shane’s hands on leadership has been essential to the success of both companies."

Mark L. Lakin Esq.

"Shane has created an affordable, easy to use text messaging service that I am happy to recommend. He
knows text messaging inside and out and is a strong voice in the industry for ethical mobile marketing."

Kim Dushinski, Mobile Marketing Expert